I Edition of the Contemporary Rome Art Award –International Contemporary Art Exhibition PALAZZO VELLI EXPO
It will take place on the 19th. 20.21 July 2019, at the prestigious headquarters of Palazzo Velli, the1st Edition of the Contemporary Rome Art Prize Collective Exhibition: included in the art project #Contemporary, presented at the third Ed. del Rome Art Week 2018, the exhibition, conceived and curated by the art historian Ilaria Giacobbi, highlights the contemporary artistic ferment but, at the same time, turns out to be a socio-anthropological investigation of art, conceived as a reflection/manifesto of his era.

Italian and international artists “confront” each other and, through different artistic disciplines, tell a cross-section of our society, they pose as an inquiring eye, observe, note, write. represent the FENOMENO (but also the NUMENO), translated with the universal language of Art.

Exhibits: Emiliano Martucci, Marco Salvetti, Massimo Nobile, Marica Romano, Milena Carrisi, Yasmin Crawford, Mandisa Baptiste, Michela Mariani, Giulia Negrini, Cristina Smeraldi, Kevin Pierrat, Simona Correnti, Daniele Ruffini, Battista Doneddu, Enrico Tubertini, Alessandra Mercurio, Dayana Sharon Marconi, Mahmoud Elkouriny, Josie Purcell, Ennio Zangheri, Luca Idili, Maurizio Bellinzas, Michele Ruta

Art curator Ilaria Giacobbi

Vernissage: Saturday 19 July 2019 START 20:00
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SponsorUnique & Exclusive Italian Lux

Casale del Giglio
In collaboration with Arte24
Graphic designer Arch. Emiliano Martucci

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