I Edition ARTEmide Award -Women in Art – International Contemporary Art Exhibition

The selections for the I ED. of the ARTEmide .20 Prize are open at Bauhaus Home Gallery Exhibition space

 Rome Art Week e Open Gallery Biennale MArte Live 2019

07/14 March 2020 and edited by Dr. Ilaria Giacobbi.

The collective exhibition aims to be a retrospective that enhances the talent and creative flair of women, Artists, who through their sensitivity translate and tell the female universe in the month dedicated to them.

The inaugural ceremony and plaque delivery will be filmed by the Gold Network cameras and included in the ARTE24 section



PITTURA – (UN’ OPERA – Max 2,00 x 2,00; DUE Max Works 1,00 x 1,00; TRE works 0,50 x o,50)

  1. Sez. Abstract
  2. Sez. Figurative POP

III. Sez. Landscape

  1. Sez. Copyright False


PHOTOGRAPHY (A photographic project – consisting of two or more photographs)

Video Art

Textile art and fashion

Furniture and design

Digital Art

Performing art

EXCTORE PERIOD: 07/14March 2020

The call is aimed at the only female artists, operating in the artistic disciplines indicated; all participants will be given a certificate of participation and plaques (one artist in each category)

FREE PRE SELECT: Send photos Works, artistic CV to mail


Curator Dr. Ilaria Giacobbi

Deadline 29.02.2020

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