Claudio Loy partecipa al Rome Art Week, la settimana dell’ Arte Contemporanea romana, all’ interno della collettiva #CONTEMPORARY (Rome Art) Exhibition,  curata da Ilaria Giacobbi in collaborazione con Pietro Galluzzi presso la NVMEN ART GALLERY.



L’ opera realizzata da Claudio Loy, si compone di quattro tavole di legno simmetriche su cui l’artista applica il colore, denso e materico e, attraverso questo, concretizza forme nell’astratto.

Snake, il titolo, traduce il significato dell’opera: come in un “continuum narrativo” il colore serpeggia, implode ed esplode da una tavola all’altra. Ante di antichi armadi tornano in vita, solo nella totalità delle stesse assemblate il senso dell’ opera trova un significato

Claudio Loy
Claudio Loy, artista sardo autodidatta approda all’ astratto dopo aver sperimentato la fase figurativa.
Il linguaggio consente di sperimentare nuove forme espressive attingendo dal quotidiano e dal proprio vissuto.

Testo critico: Ilaria Giacobbi

The artist titled the opera “the snake”. Made on four boards using only the three primary colors red yellow and blue. The colors in the first three plates prevail alternately, (the blue on the red the red on the yellow and vice versa); in the fourth table at the bottom left however, this equilibrium disappears and the three primary colors mix together, while the headless and tailless snake crosses the four plates, joining again to itself as the symbol of infinity. The snake represents the artist’s soul. It’s the artist himself who swallows the colors and spits on the canvas like poison or medicine based on his mood and what he wants to represent at that time. The colors are not laid randomly on the tables. Inside he has inserted and painted symbolic figures, in certain points of the landscapes, mountains under an orange sky, in the first table for example a micro universe that represents the birth of the universe and man with a giant sperm floating in the ether under the watchful eyes of two female shoulders, two creative women of life. In the third table a parallel world composed of ghostly and demonic figures who try to oppose life. In the second panel, in addition to the landscape, he wanted to depict a face of a man who has a testicle instead of the brain and who wants to represent the modern man who thinks of a world divas the law of the strongest of abuse and abuse of the most weak, a man who despises art and seeks power over others using violence.In the fourth table the artist depicts himself as he travels floating inside the snake in search of new worlds, searching for answers, identifying the its own creative part that is estranged from the rest of the world to immerse itself in the creation of something that remains in time. In reality, more than an abstract painting, he wanted to create a symbolic figurative abstraction. He has added numerous other symbols and figures but leaves the interpretation to others.

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